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The Dancer - film about Valery Panov

Israel 2015

78 Minutes , Russian, English and Hebrew

Dir.: Alexander Gentelev Pro.: Liora Amir-Barmatz SC.: Alexander Gentelev, Bracha Zisman-Cohen DP.: Dani Gershon Ed.: Bracha Zisman-Cohen Music: Dov Eilon Sound Design: Rony Kalderon Source: Israel Broadcasting Authority, Tel Aviv

78 min., Russian, English and Hebrew, English and Hebrew Subtitles

Classical ballet dancer Valery Panov appeared on the great stages of the USSR, the USA and Europe. The world recognized his dancing skills but he had one drawback - he was Jewish. The film depicts a unique artist's emotional journey, his tenacious quest for the total freedom to dance and live. The Dancer follows Panov's survival in the Israeli reality, interweaving rare dance footage, a love story, and the protagonist's painful journey to Russia. Filmography: Raiders (2014), Putin's Games (2013), Violinists (2011), Ganavim Ba Hok (2010), Just Like Home (2009), Yolki Palki (2007).

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